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Reading: Think, talk and grow ideas about characters and story elements
At the beginning of the unit students will review how to use story elements to support their understanding of the text. Many second graders are reading early chapter books whose characters display distinct traits, feelings, and wants, and whose story-lines introduce and then resolve some sort of trouble.
As the unit continues, students will work on character and comprehension to prepare for the challenges of longer chapter books. Students will learn to become more aware of differences in characters across books, and to read closely in order to deepen their understanding of characters, setting and plot and will also move along from recall to inquiry.

Writing: Realistic Fiction
This unit is divided into three bends or three sections. The first bend introduces students to generating short story ideas by thinking about a character and of small moment stories for that character.  Students use what they know about narrative writing to write as many short stories as possible. In bend two, students revise their stories for greater meaning and tension in a way that stretches out the “heart” of their story. In the final bend, they repeat the process and focus on making their stories even better by using the narrative checklist.  
Math: Unit 4 - Place Value and Measurement
In this unit, students extend their understanding of place value.   This will provide a foundation for the development of strategies for fluently adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers later in second grade.  They also explore measuring tools, and standard units (inch, centimeter, and foot) for measuring length. Students will learn the difference between A.M. and P.M.  They will represent numbers with base-10 blocks, and in expanded notation.

Social Studies: Unit 4 – All About Work
In this unit, we will be learning all about work. The students will learn about various types of jobs, including those carried out by community workers, volunteers, and at-home workers. They will learn the difference between needs and wants, and how to meet them. We will also explore the benefits of trading goods internationally.
Science – Solids & Liquids
In this unit, students will be exploring different solids, liquids, and small solids in various settings.  Students will be using properties to describe, identify, sort, and compare and contrast the materials.   By the end of this unit, students will be able to differentiate between solids and liquids.   

Health: Second Step – Unit 1
By second grade, students have gained a sense of independence and self-awareness and are ready to start solving problems on their own.  The research based Second Step program helps them acquire skills that can lead to gains in confidence and school success. The first unit focuses on skills for learning: being respectful, focusing attention, listening, using self-talk and being assertive.