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Current Units of Study
Reader's Workshop: We will begin a new unit in which we study non-fiction.  We will learn that readers read non-fiction in a different way than fiction.  We will use text features such as the table of contents, index, glossary, captions, diagrams, headings and bolded or highlighted words to navigate our non-fiction texts.
Writer's Workshop: We are beginning our "All About Books" unit.  In this unit, students will learn how to choose an "expert" topic and create a teaching book with various chapters.  
Fundations: In unit 6, students will be introduced to words that have glued sounds, bonus letters, and suffix -s endings. 
Math: In unit 4, students will explore measurement and addition fact strategies. 
Science: We will become "biologists" in our new unit as we study organisms like plants and animals! We will learn that organisms have basic needs, that they grow and change, and move on their own.
Social Studies: In our third unit, we will learn about the qualities of a good citizen.  We will think about how we can be the best citizens in school, at home and in our communities. 
Health: We will learn about nutrition and about the importance of making healthy food choices.  
Recommended Leveled Book List Link:
**Friday, January 20th: We are excited to announce that our superhero reached the city on our class goal board!  This means that the students have earned a class reward.  The votes are in, and the students chose electronics time. With your permission, your child may bring in an electronic device to use during our class reward time.