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Welcome to Ms. Servidio's Fourth Grade ILA and Social Studies Class!

Our Current Units of Study

Reading- Poetry

Students will read a variety of poems, with attention to mood, sounds, word choice and images. Students will notice how these elements and the parts of a poem work together to create meaning. Also, students will read novels with a new appreciation for word choice, figurative language, and imagery.

Writing- Literary Essays
To write well about reading, students not only need to learn more about writing; they also need to learn more about reading.  Throughout the unit, students are taught the value of close reading of complex texts. From Day One, students will learn to read literature closely-and to write about the literature they are reading. Students will learn that there are certain aspects of a story that are especially central to the story, and they’ll learn to read texts with attentiveness, noticing what the author has done and fashioning evidence-based theories about the text. Students will learn to write structured, compelling essays in which they make and support claims and analyze with attentiveness, noticing what the author has done and fashioning evidence-based theories about the text.  
Social Studies- Settlement of a New Land
Students will learn about the first people of New Jersey. This includes prehistoric people and the Lenape Native Americans. They will also learn about colonial New Jersey and New Jersey's involvement in the American Revolution.
Some reminders:
  • My homeroom: wear sneakers to school for Gym on Thursdays and Fridays!
  • Electronic devices and trading cards are not allowed in class. Please do not bring them to school.
  • If your child will be leaving school other than his/her usual way, please send in a written note advising us of the change. Please include the date and a number where you can be reached during the day.
  • BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS: Snacks will no longer be allowed for birthday celebrations. We will sing to your son/daughter to recognize his/her birthday and, if you wish, you can send in small items such as pencils, bookmarks, etc. for the class. This is completely optional!
  • If your child will be handing out invitations in school, please make sure that EVERYONE in the class is invited. Invitations may not be handed out to only a few children in school.